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What I think of the middle east

On the Middle East, I think that both Palestinians and Israelis need to make concessions. First, Israel must withdraw from all settlements made in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and all other Palestinian lands. I think that occupation is a form of terrorism and when Israel says it is rooting out terrorism, it is being extremely hypocritical. Palestinians on the other hand have to recognize Israel's right to exist. Most Palestinians have done that, but there are a few that need to move toward that. For there to be any hope of peace, Palestinians must be given a state of their own. How can anyone expect Palestinians to want to stop violence when they are being kicked out of their homes, which are knocked down while a Jewish settlement is built on Palestinian property?

Let me be very clear that I am more than supportive on the U.S.' war on terrorism. The U.S. did nothing to the terrorists who ruthlessly committed mass murder and brought down the symbols of New York and America. The latter infuriates me to the point where I can crush a can in my hand, while picturing it as Osama bin Laden's head. We are justified in rooting out terrorism as an act of self defense. What Israel is doing is the opposite. While Israel is propagandizing that the terror must stop and that it is raiding Palestinian towns rooting out terrorists, it is inflicting a terrorism of its own on the Palestinian people. It's called occupation. When the occupation of Palestinian land stops, then Israel is justified to do what it is doing now


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