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       I have put together a collage of the good guys and not so good guys in politics according to my conservative beliefs. This site has the real players and by clicking on the pictures of the good guys will link you to their sites. I also have included links to other political sites/organizations whom I generally agree with.

   Some of my political  views: ( I am not a staunch right winger. There are things I do disagree with many the right on. I will be fair and honest whenever possible. You are entitled to think the way you wish, and I welcome you to do so. Thanks for visiting!)

    I am a supporter of American Conservative politics. I believe in limited but existent government, the freedom of speech, capitalism and prosperity of corporate America, and in preserving our environment practically.  I also believe in allowing Americans to fulfill their dreams. I am anti - communist, and pro democracy. I think most of  Hollywood consists of extreme, left wingers like Alec Baldwin or Barbra Streisand who impractical and use no logic when opining on the latest political issues. Most of the news media is run and infiltrated by leftists, with the exception of Fox News and the New York Post. Republicans are always demonized by the elite left media, while slick democrats such as Bill and Hillary Clinton are only pursued by conservative journalists. Many special interests groups have way too much influence in Washington. NOW, an organization which claims to represent women actually represents nothing more than an elite group of anti male feminists. I also strongly feel that Christmas, the Pledge of Allegiance, and other red flags to politically correct fanatics  should remain in schools and in public places, just as our country was founded. In some schools there are menorahs, which are religious symbols, so as a Greek Orthodox Christian, I feel that the nativity scene should also be allowed in schools, not just a Christmas tree, along with any symbols of Muslim, Hindu, etc. religions. I am not pushing any one religion, I just want equality. 

   On the Middle East, I think that both Palestinians and Israelis need to make concessions. First, Israel must withdraw from all settlements made in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and all other Palestinian lands. I think that occupation is a form of terrorism and when Israel says it is rooting out terrorism, it is being extremely hypocritical. Palestinians on the other hand have to recognize Israel's right to exist. Most Palestinians have done that, but there are a few that need to move toward that. For there to be any hope of peace, Palestinians must be given a state of their own. How can anyone expect Palestinians to want to stop violence when they are being kicked out of their homes, which are knocked down while a Jewish settlement is built on Palestinian property?

Let me be very clear that I am more than supportive on the U.S.' war on terrorism. The U.S. did nothing to the terrorists who ruthlessly committed mass murder and brought down the symbols of New York and America. The latter infuriates me to the point where I can crush a can in my hand, while picturing it as Osama bin Laden's head. We are justified in rooting out terrorism as an act of self defense. What Israel is doing is the opposite. While Israel is propagandizing that the terror must stop and that it is raiding Palestinian towns rooting out terrorists, it is inflicting a terrorism of its own on the Palestinian people. It's called occupation. When the occupation of Palestinian land stops, then Israel is justified to do what it is doing now.

I am however a little skeptical on Bush's invasion of Iraq. I have supported Bush on just about everything, but this issue I find somewhat troubling. First, Saddam Hussein was no immediate threat to the United States. Unlike other terrorists we've gone after, Saddam values his life and wasn't about to sacrifice himself for his country. This is why I don't believe that he would strike us first. He has no reason to. If he were to send anything in our direction, we would have no choice but to take him out, and then we would have a reason, and he knew this. That is why he would never attack us first.  Also, Bush states that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction (which I'm sure he has), and for that reason we disarmed him. Since we disarmed Saddam because he has those weapons, than we should initiate a campaign to disarm all countries that have weapons like his in that region like Pakistan, India, Israel, just to name a few. If are going to apply a standard, it must be enforced across the board, or don't enforce it at all. 


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