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             The Good Guys in Politics and the Media


Click on the person's picture for their web site; not all people have linked sites


Rush Limbaugh, King of talk Radio           Peggy Noonan, eloquent political analyst 



Oliver North                    Barbara Olson                        Ann Coulter                            
     David Horowitz     Tony Snow       

Cal Thomas                                    David Horowitz                          Tony Snow

George Will    

George F. Will             Solicitor General Ted Olson             Brit Hume


      Rudolph Giuliani                        Fmr. Speaker Newt Gingrich               William F. Buckley


Congressman J.C. Watts                           Bill O'Reilly                                  Sean Hannity


 Congressman J.D. Hayworth        Ronald Reagan               William Bennett

President George W. Bush     Niger Innis congress for racial equality   Fmr.Congressman Joe Scarborough                                        


Fmr. Congressman Bob Dornan          Clinton Traitor Dick Morris                      Mark R. Levin

                                    Columnist Justin Raimondo                Taki (Photo Unavailable) of the New York Press 



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