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    This site pays tribute to two of the greatest buildings of all time. Their destruction dramatically changed the skyline. They were the tallest buildings in New York, and they and the victims of 9/11 will remain in our hearts forever. I have linked panoramas on external sites that allow you to re-experience the glory of the twin towers before destruction. The panoramas can be rotated 360 degrees, and are very enjoyable. I also have included pictures I took on my visit to ground zero.


  Above Photo Taken in August 1989 when I was on a ferry going to the Statue of Liberty. One of my family members took the picture

360 degree panoramas of the World Trade Center  - Each Link is a different Panorama

                    To View the Panoramas, you will need either Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater with Microsoft Virtual Machine Installed, or Netscape 6 or higher

A Large, Spectacular Clear View of the Plaza Near the South Tower (Provided by     

A Large, Spectacular Clear View of the Plaza Near 5 WTC (Provided by

A View of the Plaza in Front of the Marriott ( Provided by

  A View of the Plaza Next to the Fountain ( Provided by

A View Looking Northeast - Rooftop ( Provided by    

    A View Looking North - Rooftop ( Provided by   

A View Looking South - Rooftop ( Provided by    

The Plaza on a Sunny Afternoon (Provided by

The 110th Floor Rooftop at Sunset (Provided by

A View looking North in Winter (Provided by

    A Very Clear View Looking East & North (Provided by

(Requires QuickTime) A Very Clear View Looking South & East (Provided by

(Requires QuickTime) The 107th Floor Indoor Observation Deck (Provided by

(Requires QuickTime) A View from East Side of Plaza (Provided by

(Requires QuickTime) A View From The Brooklyn Bridge of the Skyline (Provided by

(Requires QuickTime) A View From Brooklyn Heights of the Skyline (Provided

A Large View from the Rooftop on a Cloudy Day (Provided by

A Large View of the Plaza on a Cloudy Day (Provided by

   A View of the Plaza - Late Afternoon (Provided by the Manhattan Club)

A View of the Trade Center from Church St. (Provided by CNewYork)

A View from the East Side of the Plaza (Provided by

A View of the Plaza Between the North and South Tower (Provided by

A View of the Complex near 4 WTC (Provided by

A View of the Complex from Across Church St. (Provided by

(Requires QuickTime) A Large, Clear View Beneath the Tribute of Lights (Provided By

(Requires VRML) A  Walk-Through Virtual Reality of the World Trade Center

(Requires VRML) An  Incredibly Realistic Walk through of the World Trade Center

Here's someone by the name of George Mauro's video Four weeks before the attack from the Top of the World Trade Center

Mauro's Top of the World Trade Center Video

Here are some pictures I took of ground zero

Click on them to enlarge

  My World Trade Center Model from Scratch:

I found a picture of the Trade Center on the internet from New York Harbor. I downloaded it, cropped it on paintbrush, and selected the top 2/3 of the South Tower  and duplicated it 16 times. I measured the dimensions of a rough block model I made as a frame, and cut the actual printed out pictures of the real facade. The outside of this model is a real photograph of the World Trade Center, and that's why it looks so real.


Here's the World Trade Center paper model I downloaded and constructed. I added detail to the facades, added the antenna atop the North Tower, and added the plaza buildings which I made out of blocks. (The Old Model)

    The World Trade Center towers were completed in 1975 and designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki. Each of the towers was 110 stories (1350 feet) tall. The Trade Center is located on Church St. and Vesey St. in the financial district of Lower Manhattan. Each of the towers offered something different. Besides being office buildings, they both had something special for tourists at the top of each.
    1 World Trade Center (The North Tower with the TV Antenna) (1368 feet tall)  was home to Windows on the World and The Greatest Bar on Earth on the 107th floor. Both offered spectacular views while dining to gourmet food.

     In 2 World Trade Center (The South Tower with the flat rooftop) (1362 feet tall), there was the indoor observation deck on the 107th floor. It offered a flight simulation through the streets of New York, a 700 building model of the city, walls exhibiting different parts of Manhattan with a history, and seats right on the windows looking out toward the skyline. Up a short escalator ride would bring you to the 110th floor open-air rooftop. At 1362 ft high, this is the highest open-air observation platform on earth. Looking North you would see the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the rest of the midtown skyline, and the George Washington Bridge in the distance. Looking East you would gaze down upon the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges. Looking South, you would see the Verazanno Bridge and the Statue of Liberty guarding New York Harbor, and looking West you could spot planes taking off and landing at Newark Airport in New Jersey. I've allowed you to re-experience these breathtaking views by linking sites that have panoramic views.
    The World Trade Center Plaza took center stage during summer afternoons and evenings as numerous concerts would be performed there. My favorite series was Smooth Jazz Wednesdays, hosted by CD 101.9. On August 1 I saw the group Fattburger whom I very much enjoyed. Below the World Trade Center was a shopping mall with a Borders and many other shops, including a Crispy Creme in back of building 5.
    The World Trade Center was an amazing place. The towers symbolized New York City, and American prosperity from Capitalism. They were destroyed by unspeakable acts of evil on September 11, 2001. That day has awoken our country to a new level of awareness. It has called for military action against any terrorists and any country harboring terrorists. America will prevail, this evil will be severely punished, and good will triumph. Enjoy the 360-degree views I've linked above. Special Thanks to those external sites for displaying their panoramas.

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