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                                 The Dirty Side of Politics

         IN Nicer Words: The Guys who I respectfully disagree with!


          The man who represented America for the last 8 years.


Slick Willie and the Glob   Her Majesty, Hillary RODHAM Clinton      


Need I say more, although the guy can play!           Barbra Bull*&$% Streisand            


  Sir Chappaquiddick   Lanny Davis, Clinton Brown-Nose                            Quanell X 


               The Revvvruuund Jessie "Rent a Riot" Jackson                         Al Sharpton


 Julian Epstein, Liberal Analyst     Denise Rich, Clinton Fundraiser, Gift buyer, Sex partner, etc.                      


Ellen Ratner, Whiny Liberal               Sore Loserman                Cher, the biggest Slut in town


Congressman Anthony Weiner  Sen.Tom Daschle, Obstructionist   House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt 


          Peter Deutsch   Leo Terrell, Civil Rights Attorney             Patricia Ireland -NOW                        


 Beth Dozoretz, Clinton Fundraiser who Took the 5th     Clinton Shark James Carville


           Vote Manufacturer Bill Daley      Congressman Gary Condidit


Roger Clinton, Party Animal & Bill's Bro   Janet El Reno       Rep. Henry "Nostrilitus" Waxman (D)        


Clinton Brown-Nose Paul Begala                     Sheila Jackson Lee, the biggest limousine liberal in town


                    Maxine Waters,  liberal congresswoman from California

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